Meet Patrick Batten

Over the past 17 years, I have proudly served our country as a United States Marine, both on active duty and now in the reserves. I had the privilege to fight alongside our nation’s most elite men and women. During my service,  gained valuable combat experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as operations around the globe, sharpening my values and expanding my leadership.

In 1968, my wife’s parents became the first residents of Westwood in Rancho Bernardo. My Mother-in-law taught in PUSD for more than 35 years. Kelly went from Westwood Elementary to graduating from Rancho Bernardo High School.  My oldest daughter graduated from Rancho Bernardo High and is attending our alma mater, San Diego State University. Our second daughter graduated from Westview High School and will transfer to SDSU. We have two more children that have also spent their entire education in the PUSD receiving a outstanding education.

While I served in the Marines Corps, this community watched over my family. During the 2007 fires, our friends, teachers and neighbors made sure my family was safe while I was deployed in Iraq. Whenever my family needed support, there was always someone that stepped up to provide a helping hand. The teachers always took an extra moment to talk to my children and looked after them. I am forever grateful for their friendship and support. Now, this is my opportunity to give back to our community and continue to serve.

As a trustee, I will focus on being “Brilliant at the Basics.” Our children’s education must concentrate on Reading, Writing and Arithmetic to prepare them to compete in the global economy. Not all students will go to college, but all students must be prepared for their future. I will expand vocational education. I will support teachers as they are the key to the success of our children. We must provide a safe and engaging atmosphere to foster learning and growth.  

I humbly request your support to serve as a trustee for the Poway Unified School District!

Paid for by Patrick Batten for Poway Unified School District 2022